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Give her the experience of designing her own scarf with an e-gift card! Give her the experience of designing her own scarf with an e-gift card!

About us

Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Hi there. I’m Jennifer, founder of The Scarf Studio.

The Scarf Studio is a 'design your own scarf' concept centered around fun-art and fashion. You create fun-art through an easy, hands-on process, we turn it into a scarf you can wear all year long. Print a template at home or visit our Denver studio.

A Journey Begins

The inspiration for a ‘design your own scarf’ activity came to me in 2013 after stumbling upon digital fabric printing. It was a simple idea: women and girls (& boys too!) would create designs through a fun, hands-on experience. Their art would be printed on fabric and turned into the final product — a fashionable scarf made from their fun-art design.

I was sure there had to be a similar concept already in existence. After all, I myself — along with the many women and girls I shared my idea with — loved the concept and were eager to make a scarf of their own. So there had to be something out there already, right? But there wasn’t. Bringing this concept to life became my burning passion. I was determined to make my vision a reality while working full-time as an event director.

The concept seemed simple enough but little did I know that it would take me 3 years to put all the pieces together to make the scarf product I had envisioned in 2013. And today, I am still trying to figure things out!  It's a journey for sure.

What are you willing to sacrifice to make your dream come true?

In my case it was my bed. I purchased a fabric printer to figure out how to make the scarf product. I was living in a tiny one bedroom home with no extra space. So what’s a girl to do? I turned my bedroom into a workspace. Out went my bed — in went the fabric printer. I planned to sleep on my living room sofa but it was so uncomfortable that I ended up sleeping on the floor for over a year until I finally moved the printer into a small workspace a few miles from my home. By the way, I still live in that tiny home and still have that same uncomfortable sofa.

The Scarf Studio is all about you

After 7+ years of 'figuring this thing out', it gives me great joy to bring my ‘design your own scarf’ activity to you. Although this is my story, The Scarf Studio was created with you in mind. Yes, we provide a fun-art experience culminating with a fashionable scarf but we’re so much more than fun-art and fashion.

At The Scarf Studio, we cheer you on. Whether you are chasing down a dream, striving to achieve a goal, going through a rough patch, or simply doing the day-to-day, your scarf will embolden your spirit and inspire you to keep on keepin’ on. After all, we all need a little encouragement and reason to smile every now and then.

It is my hope that you enjoy our fun-art experience and that you wear your scarf confidently and passionately as it cheers you on throughout your day.

Onward toward your goals and dreams!

— Jennifer