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BOOK TIME AT OUR NEW STUDIO | 4401 W. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80204

Make a fun piece of art that gets turned into a scarf. Two easy ways to make a scarf: 1) Print a Template and design at home, or 2) Visit The Scarf Studio. Girls Day, birthday, or any day fun!

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      What Everyone's Saying

      “We can’t wait to make scarves for other loved ones!  I’m so impressed by how personal and lovely your operation is.”

      Laura S. - Needham, MA

      “You guys totally nailed it.  I will be sending two more orders this week!  Thanks so much!”

      Rebecca B. - Atglen, PA

      “Both my granddaughter and daughter were thrilled with the scarf!  Thank you so much!”

      Ilene A. - San Rafael, CA

      One Of A Kind

      One Of A Kind

      Designed by you. Crafted in Denver, CO.

      After you design your item, we make it into a super-soft scarf, fun flip flops or socks. While it seems simple, it's labor-intensive, hands-on, and requires special skill. We pour our heart & soul into the production process so you can wear your design-it-yourself item proudly!

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