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Blob, dabble and smear; have fun creating something beautiful — no artistic skills required!
10-14 day turnaround for pickup or ready-to-ship.

Watch helpful videos on how to design your scarf.


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Get started here...

Please read Important Printing & Design Info and watch the videos below before making your selections.

Step 1

Choose your scarf size first, then print the corresponding size template and start designing.

Step 2

Ready for checkout? Choose the correct size and quantity. You can then choose to scan/upload OR mail your template to our production site. Finally, add to cart to checkout.

Step 3

Scan + Upload Option: Scan and upload your completed design below. Add to cart and continue to payment. See 'How to Scan + Upload' below for scan specifications. If you're unsure about your upload, please contact us or default to the mail-in option.

For truest colors + best image quality, mail-in recommended

Mail-In Option: Mail-in is our preferred method. Place order # on template(s) & mail to: The Scarf Studio
999 Vallejo St, Denver, CO 80204.

Important Printing & Design Info

Please scan your finished template at a resolution of 800dpi or higher. Please check your settings when scanning to ensure highest possible resolution for printing. Your upload MUST meet our print quality standards in order to ensure best results. Please note that if quality is too low, this will affect the quality of your scarf print & delay turnaround time.

Print template on standard printer paper, watercolor paper, or card stock.  

Use paint, markers, colored pencils, crayons, or oil pastels to design your scarf - or a combination.  You are welcome to use neon colors, but neon colors (especially neon pink) will lose their vibrancy & appear muted on fabric.

Templates are free to print. You only pay when you want your template to be turned into a scarf. Scarves are made of a super-soft polyester weave fabric. We offer four sizes:

  • Square — 20”x 20” ($39)
  • Small — 10”x 60” ($45)
  • Medium — 18”x 65” ($54) 
  • Large — 26”x 72” ($64)

See Scarf Sizes »

If you're designing more than one template for different sized scarves, please go back and add each size/qty to the cart and then proceed through check-out at one time.  You will get one order # for your entire order.

Your design will not repeat as a pattern on your scarf. Rather, your design will be enlarged on the scarf. Note: due to hand to paper art - when designs are enlarged to fit the scarf - slight imperfections may show on scarves.  Ie. cracks in paint, crayon bits, etc.  It's the beautiful imperfections that make your scarf a one-of-a-kind, handmade piece!

Want to add your signature to your scarf masterpiece? The "How It Works" video below is highly recommended.  If you don't follow signature rules, we will not add signature to scarf.  
Signature Rules:

  • Signatures must be written in signature box with medium-to-wide tip markersNO colored pencils, crayons, pens or fine tip markers for signatures.
  • Signature box must be clean (do not write over paint & messiness).  Watch "How it Works" video below for tips + tricks.
  • Multiple signatures on scarf?  Use ONE color marker.  Do not write signatures in multiple colors.  Don't worry about color - we change signature color to complement your scarf design.
  • We will only add signatures that follow the rules.  Thank you.

Watch Our Videos »

1. Start here...

Choose Your Scarf Size:
Square - $39.00
Small - $45.00
Medium - $54.00
Large - $64.00

2. After designing, re-select size & continue here...

Scan ONLY. Please do not use smart phone. Image quality must be 800dpi or higher. If your upload doesn’t meet our print quality requirements, we’ll be in contact you. This may delay order time.

Watch & Learn


Square — 20”x 20” ($39)
Great for neck, headband, ponytail, or bag charm.

Small — 10”x 60” ($45)
Perfect for petite sizes. Gives a subtle pop of color.

Medium — 18”x 65” ($54)
More substantial than the small scarf. Perfect size for gifting.

Large — 26”x 72” ($64)
For the scarf lover! Twist around twice or wear as a wrap.