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Scarf Painting Class (On Demand)

Scarf Painting Class (On Demand)
Scarf Painting Class (On Demand)
Scarf Painting Class (On Demand)
Scarf Painting Class (On Demand)
Scarf Painting Class (On Demand)
Scarf Painting Class (On Demand)

$ 65.00 per person

Gather family & friends over holiday break for a magical scarf designing experience! You'll create memories AND a beautiful scarf to proudly wear!  No art-skills required.

In this on-demand class, we'll guide you through three (3) abstract designs for your scarf. We'll explore layering and textures while exploring various mark-making techniques. You may just surprise yourself with how cool your designs are. At the end, you'll choose your favorite design to get turned into your scarf. You submit it, we turn your design into your scarf and send it back ready to wear! PLUS...a surprise special bonus will be unveiled after the class!

So gather the gals, some sips and strap in for a memorable creative experience!  Or participate solo at your own pace, on your own timeline.  Book your ticket today so we can get your supply box to you!  Ticket price: $65/person.

*Note: This class is fun, encouraging and pressure-free! It's not a fine art lesson. Participants without any art-skills are encouraged to tap into their imaginations and create from the heart with our thoughtful guidance.

Purchase your ticket here. The on-demand class link will be sent to your email. Design on your own time. It can be viewed as many times as needed.

You'll receive a supply box shipped to your door shortly after booking your ticket. It will include most supplies for the class: paint, brushes, pastels, practice paper, spoon, mark making tools, table cover and scarf templates.

The items below are not included in the box.  You'll need to provide these:

  • Painter's tape or artist tape (not masking tape)
  • Scissors
  • Water cups for brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Hair dryer (for paint drying)

Cancellation policy
No refunds. Participants will receive access to the on-demand class and can design their scarf on their own time.

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