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Pattern Template

Fill in an existing pattern to bring it to life — easy peasy!


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Choose your pattern & get started!

Step 1

Before printing, please read the Important Printing & Design Info below.

Step 2

Choose your pattern, then print the template.

Step 3

When you're done designing & ready to checkout, choose your scarf size, background color and quantity, then continue to payment.

Step 4

Place order # on template & send to our mailing address.

Important Printing & Design Info

Please print your template at 'Actual Size' or '100%' (default setting). Please DO NOT select 'Scale to Fit Paper'. This will affect the quality of your scarf print & delay turnaround time.

Each pattern template varies in size.  If you are printing different pattern templates, you will notice they vary in size on the paper. That is the way they are supposed to be. So as long as you print the templates at 100% size, you did it right (see printing instructions above).

You can use paint, markers, colored pencils, crayons, or oil pastels to design your scarves - or a combination. You are welcome to use metallic & neon colors but metallics will lose their glitter-effect and neon colors will lose their vibrancy & appear muted on fabric.

Want to add your signature to your scarf masterpiece? Sign your name in the small box on the template. Use a dark-colored, medium to wide-tip marker. We will add your signature in the corner of your scarf at actual size & change the color to complement your palette.
- Signatures made with wide tip markers look best on scarves.
- Whatever is written in the box will be added to the scarf. If you’ve made a mistake, it's a good idea to rewrite your signature on white piece of paper, then cut and paste/tape it over the original.
- We are unable to add signatures made with colored pencil, light color markers, pens, or fine-tip markers.

Your design will repeat at actual size on your scarf. You have the option of changing the template’s black background to another color. The color you choose will become your scarf’s background color. The background color is selected during the checkout process. We'll add the background color for you.

Background Color Guide

  • White
  • Blush Pink
  • Rose
  • Taupe
  • Pale Aqua
  • Violet Blue
  • Navy
  • Warm Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Black

If you're ordering more than one scarf in different sizes or with different background colors from the same pattern template, please go back and add them individually to the cart then proceed through check-out.  You will get one order # for your entire order.


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